Author Topic: How to call a Tax value via code  (Read 845 times)


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How to call a Tax value via code
« on: November 01, 2013, 13:58:38 pm »

i have a tax with ID number 7, with a value of +20% for example.

I need to call it via code in calculationh.php to make my changes work and to achieve what i need. Basically i need to do this: (override price * costprice ) + ( override price * tax ).

What i achieved in code is this:

Code: [Select]
if ($override==1) {
$this->productPrices['salesPrice'] = ($product_override_price * $costPrice) + ($product_override_price * [I NEED HERE THE VARIABLE CONTAINING THE VALUE OF THE TAX WITH ID NUMBER 7]) ;

I would really apreciate the help... as this is something killig me in the last two days and i can't complete it! :-[

(using virtuemart 2 and joomla 2.5.4)