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where to download AIO installer for 2.0.22b?

Started by carsten888, August 21, 2013, 10:22:11 AM

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After install of 2.0.22b (like all previous versions) there is this message:
QuoteThe Update was SUCCESSFUL
Reminder! Also update your extensions with the AIO installer
But where to download this?

As this update is changing stuff to the way http deals with IPN payments, I'm pretty sure the paypal plugin needs updating too. But there is no update of the plugins in the 2.0.22b component update.

Maxim Pishnyak

AIO wasn't into
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Ah, I downloaded the component update from the in VM updater. But thats just the component.

I found this page
and it is indeed included in

Maybe on the install page would be confeniant to have a link to the AIO download.


The aio component has always needed updating separately either by opening virtuemart-aio from the component menu when the updater appears, or preferably both updates are manages using Joomla's extansions installer as that is generally more reliable.
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