Pagination on the Manufactures View all pages doesn't work

Started by Herts Web Design, November 11, 2013, 17:43:03 PM

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Herts Web Design


If I have navigated to the "View All Products" pages directly from the manufactures page the pagination doesn't work?

Test link above...

It works everywhere else however I cannot get off page 1 on the pagination even though when page 2 or next is clicked the URL adds in    &limitstart=20  at the end but I still see products 1 to 20?

Also, and I'm not sure if there is any connection, if I run a search using the stand VM Search function, searching for example Test the results that are returned are correct however, the Manufactures drop down filter shows ALL the manufatures and not just the ones related to the search. I have tested this with Categories, if I navigate to a category then I am able to filter by Manufacture and it ONLY show the manufactures listed.

I have tired using standard templates to test and still get the same issues..

To Clarify....

1.  Navigate to a manufacture

2.  Click on "View All "X" Products"

3.  Try to go to page 2... URL changes but still displays the first 20

Search Clarify....

1.  Run a search for TEST

2.  Click the Manufactures drop down filter

3.  ALL manufactures are shown now just the one that are listed

4.  Tested to see if it works on Categories. Navigate to a category with multiple manufactures

5.  Click the Manufactures drop down filter

6.  It correctly ONLY show the manufactures listed in that category, unlike the search results...



I have the exact same problem with the manufacturer pagination.  :o
Product categories pagination is OK, but manufacturers is not.

I thought this was an SH404 SEF issue at first, but I have now tested with all SEF off, in a default beez2 template. I use 2.0.22C in my live site, but I have also tested this with 2.0.24C
I have noticed this problem in previous versions too, but I have just used the work around to display 50 products as I didn't have any manufacturers with more than 50 products, but now I am adding more products the pagination problem with manufacturers is bugging me again.

I read through all these older posts here  &

My categories are set to default settings and I added stepped pagination sequnces to my configuration settings.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated as this is driving me crazy at the moment,

VM2.0.22C Live - VM2.0.24C Test
J3.6.4 / PHP7.0.12