[after 2.0.22a update] The results per page doesn't work.

Started by Bravestar, July 30, 2013, 12:55:45 PM

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Hi i have joomla installation 2.5.13 the last virtuemart version.

in my category page i was showing 15 products per page, after update that function does not work. it shows 10 as default.. in the back end it works well. in the configuration panel i change the values but nothing changes.

can you help me to solve this.

best regards


unfortunately the problem  insists, i have try many options and sequences, aw the post says.

i have the option of 1 product per row and i want the default product listing to be 15 per page

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Then there is a mistake in your configuration. Look in the category settings and in the main configuration for the list box.

Category setting:

Number of Products per Row: 1
Category Pagination Sequence: empty
Initial number of listed items: empty / 0

Main configuration:

For views with 1 item per row: 15,30,60,75,90


the problem was into the category.. it has set the 10 to all categories inside..

pfff i have 110 categories to change  :'( this new feature..

K&K media production

go to your phpmyadmin and make your own sql in the category table to change it simple for all your categories