Showing a sum of custom fields inside the cart

Started by ilcomandantecobra, July 26, 2013, 13:09:45 PM

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Hello everyone,
i need to implement a sort of very simple point system which should work this way:
each product got a custom field called, let's say, "points", which is an integer.
in the cart, a text field shows you the sum of the points obtained from the products you are buying.

Could someone give me advice on how to implement a similar thing? Which php files should i modify? Or, even better, is there a simple free or commercial plugin that does the same stuff (i'm not interested in a complete points/rewards system like virtuemart reward points extension)?

Thanks for the attention!



you can use it in a simple way and modify it to your needs, really well worth the money, you can create that custom field named points and use it only with those points. You have clear instructions in their website.