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How to submit "enhancements" to VM

Started by mb000000, July 18, 2013, 14:47:49 PM

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VM 2.0.22a - J1.5.26 (we have a plan to go to J2)

In the last 18 months or so, I have written some minor "enhancements" to VM to suit my local use.  Some or all of those might be of interest to others, but as they are not in the form of plug-ins or equivalent, I cannot simply use the Joomla enhancements site / mechanism - they are principally minor tunings to core VM functionality to suit my needs.

So, if I list them here, what is the mechanism for submitting them for potential inclusion in the main distribution?

Here's the list:
- Empty whole cart
- Option to hide all presence of a discount (we do not want customers thinking a discount is ever available)
- Option to hide SKUs from customers (it's a historic behaviour we have, the reasons for which seem to have been forgotten, but we still abide by it!)
- Option to display the number of line items in the cart rather than the sum of the quantities (when mixing items sold by unit and by length / weight, the sum of quantities is meaningless)
- Option to hide product status in e-mails to customers (too much clutter for our taste)
- An additional product-out-of-stock option that continues to display the product (so customers know it exists) but without the add-to-cart option nor the e-mail-notification option
- A delivery method plugin based on "weight_countries" that allows further location specification by postcode / ZIP, with optional price based on percentage of cart net value (and a minimum price), as well as a mechanism for handling a cart where no items need physical delivery (such as a training course) - but will add a delivery price if at least one item does require delivery to the customer's address.

As I said, they're minor, but important to our site.  I also accept that perhaps some of these can be achieved in other ways with existing features or "add ons".

[Edit - added the bullet point about the enhanced delivery plugin]


Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

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Hi Jenkinhill,

Sounds like this thread should be moved to that forum then - if you wouldn't mind doing that for me, thanks.

PS When I go back to paragliding next year, I hope to get to fly on Jenkin... just need the decent weather we're having at the moment to hold on for a year or so....


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