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[SOLVED] Price not showing in Category View after update to 2.0.22 from 2.0.20b

Started by l3b3r, July 11, 2013, 19:36:59 PM

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First off, I am using a template from Gavick which includes overrides.  I shouldn't have updated Virtuemart but since the release stated that nothing should be affected I went ahead and updated anyways.  Everything seemed to work perfect, my only issue was that prices are not shown in the Category View.  "Call for price" still works, just not when products have an actual price.  I tried many "solutions" that are posted on this forum from previous versions, such as the Null shopper group ID, but none have fixed my issue.  I decided to roll-back Virtuemart to 2.0.20b but the problem is still there.  You can view the issue at the address below.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


I am sorry, I dont see the error. You want a call for price even there is a price?
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There should be a price displayed under "Vehicle Graphics" as depicted in the graphic below.  It used to be displayed.


I switched the template temporarily to Beez and the price showed as it should so this is obviously a template override issue.  I just don't understand why it isn't working now when I manually rolled back Virtuemart to the one the template came with.


Please disregard, I am going to load a backup from Akeeba and hope this helps.


SOLVED by installing an Akeeba backup prior to updated Virtuemart.  Important note: Backup, backup, backup.