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[SOLVED] Migrating users from j1.5 vm1.9 to j2.5 vm2.0 diffrent db

Started by AnonymA, June 15, 2013, 07:46:43 AM

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Hi all!

our old j1.5 install with old vm1.9 got messed up. the installation of another component killed the backend gui.

So we have now for several reasons created a 2.5 install with vm2.0.
we have manualy added everything but users in vm2.0 ::)

Im now discovering the migratefunctions in 2.0.
The migrateprocess works fine but not for users.

I have not imported any standard joomla user to our new 2.5 joomla install.
Is this a must for the import of vm users to work?


Yes. the import of users i virtuemart demands the joomla users to be imported first.

If you like me have not started of with a j1.5 to j.2.5 migration. You need to first import your joomla users.
I did it easy with

Then export all jos_vm tabels. do a search and replace for the db prefix so you have the same as your new db has. then insert it all in your j2.5 db.

Now run the tool i vm in your j2.5 installation.