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A question about upgrade

Started by yosandra, June 08, 2013, 12:38:15 PM

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I want to ask a question about ugrading. I'm using joomla 2.5 plus virtuemart 2.0.
When new versions of the component (vm) is out to upgrade, which of the files are modified?
This is because I have modified some css, product template and so on.

Kind Regards.


For full version updates, eg from 2.0.14 to 2.0.16 a lot of files are changed. That's why the updates are made by installing a full new version.

As for template/css edits these should always be made using overrides so that the edits are not lost. The process for this is very easy. For template overrides see and

For css overrides, either add your new/revised styles to your Joomla template css or make a custom css file and add a link to it into your Joomla template's index.php
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Thanks a lot jenkinhill, my question is solved now. I'm using latest virtuemart version and although I have modified some core files and css of the component, I have an override into my template, so I think the changes won't be many.
I will be around to learn lots of things about the powerful component, which I'm using to suit my clients needings.

Kind Regards.