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"Products Out of Stock are orderable, no special action" not working

Started by psalamon, May 20, 2013, 02:22:30 AM

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Joomla 2.5.11
VM 2.0.20b
System was working fine, "Products Out of Stock are orderable, no special action" was ticked, but it suddenly started showing:
"Notify Me
We regret to inform you that this product (Bangles) is either temporarily out of stock or not in stock in the desired quantity. Please submit your email address if you would like to be notified when new stock arrives for this product."
"Products Out of Stock are orderable, no special action" is ticked... what to do?
thanks for the help.


i have this issue as well. It seems that the stock ends up going negative and thats when the notify displays. when I take a product and set the stock to 0 or positive, the add to cart comes back. even when the "Action when a Product is Out of Stock" is set to "Products Out of Stock are orderable, no special action" ITs very disturbing.. how do we turn off. tracking stock all together? seems that would be easiest. have all products stock value set to 1 and not track stock..

Help with this would be appreciated!

My VM is 2.22 and joomla 2.5
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Hi leeburstroghm.

Have you solved? When i have a product out of stock, the check(action when a product is out stock) change from "products out of stock" to "Products out of stock are orderable"...


Thank you very much.


Maybee its to late to write something, for creator of this question, but I have a same problem with "Notify me" page and there no meaningful solutions on web... Solution is in CONFIGURATION > TEMPLATES > PRODUCT LAYOUT > there I have NOTIFY but there must be DEFAULT...