PayPal Address - Payment to Virtuemart default address - Stupid Mistake..!!

Started by alanandbecca, April 04, 2013, 10:06:41 AM

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Ok I thought I had set up PayPal, to find out today when someone ordered something the payment went to the default virtuemart address....

I have now changed it to the correct address and yes it works..!!

But a customers payment of €25 has been paid to the virtuemart default address... Is there anyway I can refund the person / get the money back...

Feeling rather stupid at the moment.. So any suggestions / help would be really appreciated...



As I have now changed the default address.. Can anyone tell me what it is..??


I presume You are looking for the default - email address for Paypal in VM2.

If you go to your payments method - then just make a new paypal payment method click save you will see
the default paypal email.

Once seen Just copy and then delete that payment method.

I presume it will be something like :


Thanks.. So there is nothing I can do other than let the customer know and get them to contact paypal and refund / stop the payment...


Interesting problem,

I just wonder If you are the only one this ever happened too as the email address is a false address unless one owns.     A very smart person may have figured out that this happens a lot and set up an email paypal account with this address.?   Just wondering.

So you will have to ask if this payment went through. ask the customer first- see if they received an email verification from paypal?  Really the buyer needs to contact paypal as you personally did not pay or send any money your customer did.

And all these issues - paypal of the receiving account can repay amount almost instantly?

maybe if alatak is reading this :  maybe time to put in a real random domain address?



Yes interesting problem.
That parameter was initilaized because people forgot to do it, as an example.
But if is it somebody else that gets this , then it is better that the field is empty.

I am removing this default email then.