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Vm2 Version 2.0.20b - New price (SOLVED)

Started by illusiondrmr, March 19, 2013, 15:02:24 PM

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I made a new product. I clicked saved.

Then i click to NEW PRICE.

New windows is appearing, however dropdown menus like "apply tax" or choose the shopper group won't open at all.. i can't add another price..


Add the new price then Save. You can now apply the other parameters.
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When I Click "Add New Price" and then save - nothing is saved
When I click "Add New Price" add a new quantity range and save - nothing saved
When I click "Add New Price" add a new price  and a  new quantity range and save - nothing saved

Have tried above with Save and Close as well.......

VM 2.0.20b on 2.5.9 php 5.3

Wasn't checking the Calculate Cost Price box when saving......



Have you tried to click new price, add your new price and nothing else and then save? It worked for me