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Need help with images, Please!

Started by z-analysts, March 18, 2013, 00:56:34 AM

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My VM migration went well except for product images. None of the image data got updated and syncing them didn't work either. I used Werian's plugin for migrating additional images however that created primary images out of secondary images. Now I am left with a mess.

Is there a way for me to "start over" with the image migration and do it manually? I guess what I need is a way to copy over image URL references in the database from VM 1 to VM 2. From there I believe I could run a mass update to change URL references from the old location format to the new location.

I can't start over because I have created a myriad of new menu links to specific products. I am afraid that those menu links would be lost in a new VM migration.

PLEASE, any advice or recommendations would be greatly and sincerely appreciated!



csv imroved is the only way I know to do it after you migrated the products

ofcourse you need to have a copy of the old site


Thank you PRO for your response! Can you possibly give me a little direction in using CSV Improved? So far I ran a media files export and now have a table dump sitting in front of me. Can I assume that I need to manually change the URL fields? I'm confused though by the fact that the file_is_product_image column is 0 for all images and that the product_sku column has only two unique values.

Am I making sense here?

Thank you!


you do a product export with the fields for the images & thumb image
It exports the URL

SO then, its easy to import a file with an updated image url.

YOU can synchorize the images, so vmart will go ahead and "register" them in the media manager.

THEN; do the rest with csv improved

you are not doing a media import/export.
Its simply a product import/export