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Problem with vmpagination in new layout

Started by _margie_, March 01, 2013, 13:17:36 PM

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I have a problem with the vmpagination.
In Virtuemart you have a Virtuemart Category Layout and a Category Layout but I have made a new layout the List Layout
I have copied all of the files and folders of the Category Layout and changed the folder names from category to listm and the file names from category.php to listm.php so the rest is identical.
Now I have the problem that the pagination in the List Layout doesn't work, when I click in the combobox for selecting how many products I want to show on the page of list layout I get this as url:
but when I do this the same way on the page of category layout (the original) I get this as url:

can anyone help me

I use 2.0.18a VM and 2.5 Joomla!