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Where is the user guide for Virtuemart v2.x?

Started by jennix, February 05, 2013, 01:34:22 AM

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I mean this with no disrepect. I understand that Virtuemart is free and that i'm getting more than my money's worth from it.  I truly appreciate that, and i like to try to do my part asking smart questions and all that, but... not to put too fine a point on it, but i am surprised i have to ask where the documentation is.

Pending anyone answering that (i expect the answer is "nobody wrote any"), can anyone tell me:

What is the poorly named "Additional Informations" section (located in the back-end of version 2.0.18a under Shop->Shop-> Additional Information) is actually for?

It appears to be where i setup the Store OWNER's account information so that Virtuemart can use it to modify the database, but there's no indication whatsoever what this section really does, whether or not it's supposed to contain my super-administrator's login credentials, or most importantly, why it throws the inscrutable "vmError: WARNREG_INUSE" error when i input the information for an existing user.  (That seems to be "email address already exists", but who knows, i'm guessing.) 

Additionally, after the "fax" field on this same tab, i see the following fields for banking information (really?) with no text fields adjacent in which i could input that data,


so... um... is it important? If i put could put it in and did, what would the information be used for?

and if you want a book for beginners:

And PHPSHOP_xxx are not VirtueMart 2 language variables. They were in the older VirtueMart versions, so you have not removed old installed version files?
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Thanks for the links. I still can't find anywhere on the main Virtumart site that indicates where these documents live; maybe someone would want to fix that.

I did not remove the old files before upgrading.  I missed any hints that there was more to the upgrade than upgrading, and not because i don't look or read manuals. :)  Does anyone have a guide for unmessing that mess once it's been messed up?

FInally, the "What does 'Additional Informations" do/mean/get used for?" question still isn't answered by the documents you referenced. Can anyone clarify for me what this section does? Here's the quote from the docs page:

Additional Information

This is all your logon information. When you have finished, click the top right SAVE Button.

'Your'? Who is "you"? The Super Administrator? Why does the site need the superadmin's address and such?

What is the purpose of providing this information on this page????


OK, i've read the information, i've read all the docs and i've read all the wiki... nowhere in there does it explain what the shop-shop/additional information page is for.

I removed all virtuemart folders and files after uninstalling all the extensions, and i dropped all the virtuemart and vm-related tables in sql., then reinstalled clean. I just don't understand what this page does and i've been wrangking with it for days. I wouldn't mind except that the information displayed when the tabs are loaded is wrong and i get errors whenever i try to correct it

A guide that simply says "why we are providing the information" would be a huge help. If we don't know what the information does, or supposedly would do if you could put in something that didn't just error out, maybe I could figure out how to configure things.


The information is on  but maybe should be described in more detail?

As VM is vendor based the address put in here is that used for the billing/invoicing, the email becomes the store email address etc., and as described, the vendor can be assigned to different shopper groups for testing purposes. Maybe what confuses you is that it uses the standard shopper registration fields rather than a special set created for the vendor. 
Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

Retired from forum life November 2023

Please mention your VirtueMart, Joomla and PHP versions when asking a question in this forum