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2.0.18a Update from 2.0.8e - ISSUES

Started by robert, January 23, 2013, 17:54:13 PM

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I am trying to update from 2.0.8e to the current VM version on Joomla 1.5.26 - in the admin it says update found - Tried using the available auto update - server times out.

Tried Downloading 2.0.18a from server and installing using Joomla installer - Times out

How can I update? Currently after this attempt all access to VM in the frontend produces a blank white screen.

my php.ini settings include:
  max_execution_time = 240
  max_input_time = 120
  memory_limit = 240M

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Jeez what a nightmare this is turning into.

So I managed to restore the frontend back to normal (99%), but now the backend shows a blank white page when I access it via the Joomla Components menu.

I am assuming that the attempted update to 2.0.18a may have changed table data in the DB, does anyone know what those changes could have been - if any?


The whole process is pretty deceiving since it states...

VirtueMart 2.0.18a (stable)

VirtueMart 2 is the latest stable version available. It is compatible with Joomla! 2.5, Joomla! 1.7 and Joomla! 1.5.x. Seems to be that the 1.5 compatability is questionable - A warning would have been nice.


Now the whole site is down after attempting to restore VM to 2.0.8e

What related to VM would bring the whole site down?


What a nightmare a simple task turned out to be!!! I caution those who decide to upgrade to USE EXTREME CAUTION!!! BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP

Anyway, Ive managed to make some progress and got the frontend working again, backend is still down. I guess I'll have to resolve 1 thing at a time.

Right now the frontend is littered with things like "COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_NO_PAYMENT_SELECTED" & "COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_EDIT_PAYMENT"

I presume it has to do with a language file, but which one????


The withdrawal of support for Joomla 1.5 was announced back in October on VM news -  and also in Announcements earlier in the years:

The usual problem in updating is with the setting of upload_max_filesize - I currently always set it ti 32Mb but on some servers it cannot be overriden, in which case use the files from the package as the packages are smaller.  Use Joomla's extension installer. The autoupdater only works if you are on a really fast server.

Restoring to an earlier state can usually be accomplished by overwriting all VM files with FTP, but I'm not sure if the database changes made in 2.0.18 are such that 2.0.8 would no longer work following "restoration".

COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_NO_PAYMENT_SELECTED is defined in en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini in both  joomla_root/administrator/language/en-GB/ and joomla_root/administrator/language/en-GB/
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Thanks jenkinhill for the reply.

1. then on the 2.0.18a download page they should remove the compatability message that says it's compatible with 1.5.x - It is very misleading and is the root cause of this issue. Yes, I know I should upgrade to J 2.5 - however I cannot at the moment, since the template changes required, will take several hours. I attempted the upgrade simply because the VM admin says there is a new COMPATIBLE version available.

2. the upload_max file size in my php.ini file is 50M - so the time out was not related to that I assume. I cant determine whether the DB was actually changed in the attempted update, would be nice to know if they did make changes since the backend access to VM is still broken and shows a blank white screen even after writing over the VM files in the administrator folder.

3. seems the language files were changed significantly in 2.0.18 vs 2.0.8 - I had to reupload them from the zip. After the attempted update the language file you indicated was incomplete and had MOD_VIRTUEMART_*** rather than COM_VIRTUEMART_** as the 2.08 files did. Ive fixed that part.

Now I need to figure out why the backend access is BLANK - Any ideas?


Still have no access to the backend of VM, front end works fine.

The VM links appears in the Joomla Admin / Components drop down, but when selected it takes me to a blank white screen. ie: administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart

Any idea where I should look first to resolve this issue? I guess I need to go step by step to source out the issue, but Im not sure if DB config data loads first or not.

Can it be confirmed that 2.0.18 makes Changes to the DB tables or not?


O, i've found a post that says Xmap causes conflicts with upgrades of VM.

I of course!!! had Xmap installed - So now I am referencing this post

I guess, ill just keep posting to myself here, with hopes that if anyone runs into this same type of issue this post may help. OR NOT since (at the moment) It doesnt look like I'm going to get this fixed.


Direct access to any VM url does not work...


Can someone tell me in which direction I should go to try to resolve this issue?

I can see the Menu Item in Joomla-Admin/Components/Virtuemart - but it just brings up a blank white page.

Im running on J 1.5.26 and I have read on that a user was successfully running VM 2.0.16d on Joomla 1.5.23 - Im almost positive that some type of DB ID was messed up because of Xmap. I am just not sure where to look since the forum post refers to jos_extensions and 1.5.26 doesnt have that table.

Can someone running on J 1.5.x take a peak in their DB

I have also unistalled Xmap and have attempted to reinstall VM 2.0.8e but no luck


url to the store setup should be /administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=user&task=editshop so it does sound like a db issue. I don't have any J1.5 VM sites - just fifteen J2.5.8 VM sites so I cannot check the db.
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Please mention your VirtueMart, Joomla and PHP versions when asking a question in this forum


Thanks again for the reply jenkenhill, well since the frontend is working fine the DB issues cant be related to tables that refer to the frontend. It definitely has to do with the menu items in the admin area.

In 1.5 jos_menu only appears to have menu items related to the frontend navigation. I guess I need to find the table that holds the backend menu data so I can compare Id's

anyone know what that table would be?


Another note: Access to AIO is working in the J Admin/Components Menu - it says...

Installed version 2.0.8e
Latest version 2.0.18a
Latest release date 2013-01-08
Direct download URL

Powered by Akeeba Live Update

...So im not sure if data was deleted or changed for the VM admin


WOW!!! I managed to fix it!!!!

Had nothing to do with the DB, it had to do with a bunch of files that I guess VM 2.0.18a installed in the administrator/components/com_virtuemart folder!!

Jenkinhill "Luckily FOR ME"!! I happened to have 1 other j 1.5 site that hasnt been upgraded to J2.5!!! (Have 6 of those) So I compared the administrator/components/com_virtuemart directories to see that 31 files did not match on both 1.5 sites.

I simply deleted all these files and WHOLA!!!! now I have access.

GOES TO SHOW! that it pays to have 2 sites running with the same VM versions so you can compare!!!! Without that! I would have been on a wild goose chase in the DB.

For the record... the differences in VM 2.0.8e and 2.0.18a are HUGE from a file structure perspective!!!

WARNING to those who are still running VM on 1.5.26!!! USE EXTREME CAUTION!!!!!


Well you got there!

There are many improvements/changes in the upcoming VM 2.1/2.2, parts of which have been extensively rewritten. Hope you don't have similar problems when 2.2 stable is ready......
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Please mention your VirtueMart, Joomla and PHP versions when asking a question in this forum