VM shows an upgrade is available yet I have the latest version 2.0.16d

Started by xpozay, January 07, 2013, 07:20:09 AM

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Just installed VM 2.0.16d and it shows a newer version is available.  If I click on the button it says VM 2.0.16 is ready to install. 

I guess a simple checking error on the release information.


I think it only shows official releases 2.016d is a developer release if I understand correctly and thats why it says that the latest official version is 2.016.

It shows an upgrade to the latets official release which is 2.016 although is older, I had the same doubt as you but I think that's how it works.


To be honest, I don't really care as I know I have the latest but I do believe for correctness and completeness this should be fixed.

What is shows is:
"Update Found! Click to update 2.0.16d".

Interpretation 1)
This suggests that there is a new version 2.0.16d available and mine is older that this.

Interpretation 2)
It suggests that there is a later version that what I currently have 2.0.16d

Both interpretations is incorrect.
It should show what I have and what the update is and then at least I can make an informed decision as to whether or not I should click.


Yeah you are right but understand that if the developer is uploading constant patches improving and fixing bugs for us for free do you really want them to spend time uploading every single patch version so that is displayed correctly.

Cause I preferr them to waste their time doing something usefull instead, like fixing bugs or adding features.

And yeah, I dont understand it either but is not a big issue as long as the official releases at least are clearly marked.


Yes I agree with you entirely that 1) this is a small issue for those who are in the know 2) the developers should be wasting too much time on this.

As a suggestion, and either way doesn't bother me because now I know, but for those who just download the latest code and then see the message it will confuse them.  Thus perhaps it should just check and show releases rather than all the incremental patches.  Either that or not bother on this patch releases so as not to confuse the general person.

Any way, doesn't really bother me.  So will consider this closed and if the developers choose to provide a clearer message than great if not, no big deal.