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How to redirect users to virtuemart

Started by bdimov, August 14, 2012, 11:08:24 AM

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I have a problem with users gues. When i log in into my account and select some stock to buy it, then virtuemart ask me for username and password. How to redirect normal joomla user to virtuemart user?

Site: Joomla 2.5.6
VirtueMart: 2.0.8e



Hi, the  normal registered Joolma user is a VM user already they are the same.

If you register for Joomla then you register for VM.


Look I will show one screenshot of my site to look it and understand me about my problem.

I'm in my account and this is the boxes for me and my address. I click it to fill it when I was in my cart and there is no information about me and my adress and when I click it the site is opening these boxes but as you see there is again login form where when I write my username and password the action is nothing



This is strange - In Joomla in user have you filled in the information - in the account?

* yes when you login you should just see your account information.

* I think you will have to go back into joomla and look at - Users>>user manager >>options >> to see if you have set options to stop it saving information.

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The information is filled and when I'm in cart the information is missing... then I click the "adress" button to set the information for me and my adress and there again I need to write information and there is the boxes for username and password... I don't understand why is that because I'm in my account with filled information and....
Site: if you wish come on... register and look it while you add product to cart and go to cart page...


Hi I did test your site - It translates for me - so I can see the site but a guest cannot register - I think you have user settings set up to user Captcha and the global setting is different - .

I think you need to use a standard template - and use Joomla only to test and register a guest in Joomla and see if the email comes to the customer - If that works then VM should be OK.

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Today I make new site same as the old but has the same problem... when I go to register the information box for my adresses is missing and when I'm in my account and go to cart to finalize my order in up of the page I see again box for login ...

So let everyone who understand me and can help me come to my site and register to see what happened...


Hi I can buy a product as a guest and I get an email.

I cannot register - It will not let me . I clcik on register and nothing happens? in the top right.

If I go to the large shopping cart - the ability to register is not there ?

* Did you use a template one of the original ones and then let me try and register - just say 1 hour see if that works.


So I fix the problem with the register form and the login form...
The last problem is when you are in account and go to cart and decide to change the address after clicking button to change the address there is another form to log in...


Ok I have registered - It now asks me to confirm my registration- or you have to do it? 

My email does not have a confirmation link.

Can you confirm me - and then I'll see If I can login again.

Also there is no option to log out


I don't see that you are a register... and there is no confirm for register users....


Ok - I have super fast internet - yet the rollover login on your site changes and jumps around and takes for ever to set itself. It now says entry and exit. It is very hard to set it for a simple login- When I logged in the first time it told me to confirm my login process by email.

Infact it sent me an email login with no login link- Very confusing. And the site on screen displayed a notice to inform me the same thing.

* I went back to your site logged in as you asked - and I can see myself ( so I am registered) - It has all my details correct in the edit profile - again it looks untidy - But that is your setting ( as you like it)

I went to the cart bought a product but it did not show my details only my email- but if I click on my profile it is still there.

and yes it asks me to add my details - I did not update my profile and then It allowed me to log out.

* your login needs to be bigger , clearer - work perfectly - again did you use a Standard template to see if it is your site works perfectly without the added - login /profile extra software you have added?


In standart template it works great but the client want these template and when I install it and put it .... everything are going to fail...


I'm having the same problem too. After user login, it should appear "Hello John Doe" and the logout button, but the form login appears instead.

Another wrong behaviour is on the checkout page. There's no information about the selected payment and posting methods, so the user cannot change them.

If I remove all templates everything is right in place, but the default vm template is not a good solution when comes to usability.

On 2.0.6 of VM everything was perfect, on 2.0.8e things started to get crazy and now on 2.0.10 (my current version) these things happens... Now I'm checking the default theme to see what changed since the last version.