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"Add to cart" button doesn't show up

Started by kathal3, August 02, 2012, 19:22:27 PM

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I can't make "Add to cart" button show up on category page or frontpage. It does show "Product details" button but not "add to cart". Here's a link:

It is NOT in a catalog mode. I tried to add quantity and such and no result. I tried to add a category = nothing either.

Please help with any ideas and let me know if any other info needed.

Thank you.


Did you ever figure this out? I did a quick search and this seems kind of old.

Anyways, I also do not have our site in catalog mode. We appeared to have corrupted assets table from somewhere along the upgrade path. I bought the ACL Manager and it seems to have fixed that but I still have a couple problems. One is missing the Add to Cart button altogether.

The site is quite small so if I HAVE to rebuild it I can but, well, you know.

An example:

Any insight is greatly appreciated.