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"invisible" register module

Started by gizelle, July 29, 2012, 22:11:59 PM

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I have a problem ... I'm looking and looking  in the options and nothing ... I did read tones of guides and stuff and no one touched on this topic ...
Where in the Joomla! 2.5/VM  is located "register" module? "Login" module exist, but no "register" module.  How can I replace the link assigned to a "register" button  (in options of Joomla!, I can only turn it off - but then  I block registration of new users). I even found different  login - register module, with the form I want (actually I prefere just change the link assigned to existed "register" button), but I cannot find a place where to remove / hide the Joomla! button (If I disable current login module it only hides the "login" button, the "register" is still there).

Please, help...


Just found such a plugin in the Joomla extensions under virtuemart.
That reassignes the register button to go to the new customer virtuemart module.

Hope this helps.

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The problem is there is no "register" plugin or module on the list in extensions. It can be just removed. I have no idea where I can find it...  I'm stuck...
Also I do not know how to remove logout button from account maintenance site. There is bad link assigned and I do not really need this button there. :/