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Mini Cart layout
« on: July 24, 2012, 16:26:44 pm »
With much help from this forum, I have managed to add an image to my mini cart, using the language override:
 -> Extensions -> Languages -> Overrides -> COM_VIRTUEMART_EMPTY_CART

Due to the nature of my products (several custom fields), the layout of the mini cart does not look well as it shows way too much information.
A search on this forum revealed that the information of the mini cart is set in the VMCartModule of the file /modules/mod_virtuemart_cart/tmpl/default.php

For my purposes it would be fine to hide al product information, so I changed my line 26
from: <div class="container">
to: <div class="container" style="display:none;">

After this change the mini-cart shows the right information for me i.e. Number of articles, total price and the link to the cart.
The issue now is the latter. The link to the cart is broken and I cannot go to the cart page anymore.

Could someone put me on the right track?

Best regards