Author Topic: Need help with frontend, backend customization and with import/export  (Read 1399 times)


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Hello guys,

Joomla 2.5, Virtuemart 2.0.8 - already installed

I'd like to ask if is there any possibility to found someone to help with customization of Virtuemart for Joomla. I am currently creating a site which is supposed to contain a kind of stock-market. We run it through Virtuemart with some overrides but it is not fully fuctional according to our needs. Basically, there is going to be some used product with a minimal price and people can make a bid for it. Once the bid is made it should be saved in some evidence with all information provided in the form by the customer. So, the whole process is that there is a customer who would like to buy a certain product, he makes a bid for it, fills up the form and confirms the action and all that is saved in the evidence for the seller to evaluate submitted offers.

Next issues we wanna help with:
- mostly the import/export from given CSV divided by ; with custom fields included, probably use CSV Improved, or other suggested solution
- multilangual eshop

Pls write me here or on

Thx a lot for any help!  :'(

EDIT: For sure it will be paid sorry for not mentioning that.