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For Translators - Link to the latest language files in the trunk

Started by jjk, July 26, 2011, 18:47:20 PM

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The latest version of the VM2 backend language files is here:
The latest version of the VM2 frontend language files is here:

Below are two screenshots of using the translation component "Missing-T" for translating VirtueMart 2:

[attachment cleanup by admin]
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Good idea, some more hints are here:

Please register at then join this project . They want to help us to gather all translators (also for other projects) and help to translate. They can give you access then to the virtuemart files.

Provding the language as installer is the dot of an "i".
Should I fix your bug, please support the VirtueMart project and become a [url=]member[/url]
Extensions approved by the core team:


There is a new tool for managing translations named "Localise", which is compatible with Joomla 1.7.x and 2.5.x, available in the JED at

Note: In order to make it work with Virtuemart 2, you need to delete those VM2 language folders containing languages you have not installed in Joomla.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Note: The above posts are pretty old now. The latest en-GB language files are still in the trunk, but meanwhile most translators are using Transifex (see for translating VirtueMart and the latest translations from Transifex are available as installable language packs at
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?