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How to hide taxes until checkout

Started by z-analysts, June 22, 2012, 23:27:42 PM

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1) My client has to charge sales tax for his US state of residence however anyone in the world could conceivably purchase his products. With that being said I only want to display sales tax after the billing/shipping address has been entered. The way VM 2.0.6 seems to work is that sales tax is always displayed. Will this be changed anytime soon? Is there a way to hide sales taxes until checkout?

2) What is the purpose of the Visible to Shopper option when setting up a tax rule? I see no difference in the front end display if I choose YES or NO.

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VM 2.0.6


I am having this EXACT same issue right now. I have 5 different tax rates for various Canadian provinces and all tax rates are visible when I add something the cart and the total is adding all tax rates to the price. Strangely, only when I am logged in as a shopper account first then add an item to the cart the tax rate for that province and only that province shows. I as well need to hide all tax rates until the shopper enters their shipping address. I can't understand why this cannot be done.

Hopefully someone here will have some answers ASAP.


Yes! I have the same problem too. A lot of people are posting about this but I still haven't seen a fix that works.


Has anyone found a solution to this? The last post I see is from is now 2014 and Virtuemart 3. and I am still having the same issues and problems with Canadian taxes that I have always had...Virtuemart just sux at taxes and pricing displays.


Show tax at checkout? Simply in your tax rule for Type of Arithmetic Operation  select Tax per bill.

If you want to change the display just use template overrides with your own layout.
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ok, but how do I set the taxes so they are charged by the shipping address? I've followed the instructions that are quite pathetic in my opinion for setting up Canadian taxes. I can't very well charge by bill, because the taxes are effected by the shipping address not just the total.

Can someone, in clear English without getting sarcastice please tell me where and how on virtuemart 3 I can set taxes to be calculated by address and display only on the final cart not with the product?
I must say the tutorials and video's could be done with a lot more clarity and then there would not be half of the questions on the forum. Just my observation.

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Have you tried Type of Arithmetic Operation -> select Tax per bill -> select Canada -> Select State?

Repeat for each state?

Re documentation - VM is developed by a small core of coders and is totally free to the user.. so - 2 possibilities
1.  they could spend all their time developing tax documentation for every country they can think of to the detriment of the rest of the project
2. users could spend some of their time experimenting with their own case and write a post "How to set up address based taxes - e.g. Canada" and ask to make it sticky
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