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Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin

Started by David Kan, June 06, 2012, 04:28:32 AM

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David Kan

Many shoppers of Virtuemart just want to save their product choices and come back later to perform the checkout process with the saved cart. This should be a core function of Virtuemart template. Today, Netbase releases this plugin to improve your Virtuemart store with this function.

The function works like a "Add to Wish List" but with products in your saved cart instead of any product.

How does it work?

- Shoppers can add products into the cart normally and products will be displayed on Save Cart

- With Save Cart module, shoppers can add data into his Virtuemart profile

- With Save Cart, shoppers can send email of the saved data to any email address as he wants.

- If shoppers haven't log-in the site, the module will ask shoppers to register or log-in before saving products into cart

- The module supports Ajax effects for the Save so customers will not have to reload the page while the cart is saved into their Virtuemart profile

- Only shoppers can see the save cart data in their profile

- A user profile can save UNLIMITED carts into and restore them any time

- The restored save cart will replace the current save cart for shoppers to check out

- Shoppers can put a name for each Cart when they save it, so they will know clearly the purpose of cart

This plugin is in fact A+ module into your Joomla Virtuemart. You WILL NOT HAVE TO DO any template change / core Virtuemart file hack.

How to set it up

Step 1: install the plugin as a normal Joomla installation

Step 2: Activate the plugin

Step 3: go to your menu, create a new Virtuemart Menu ( link to Virtuemart -> Account Maintenance)

Step 4: go to front end joomla, add a product into Virtuemart cart, and you will see the Save Cart with all the functions of this plugin.


Version 3.3.0 Updated: Date: 5/22/2015

- Compatible Joomla 3 & Virtuemart 3.0.8

# Fix Bugs

-   The save cart disappeared in the profile

-   Prices in save cart wrong to the shopping cart

-   When add to cart, the save cart updates incorrectly

-   Saving cart name to display blank spaces

Version 3.2.0 Updated: 2014, Dec 01

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8

+ Allow to control the displayed information of Save Cart in Admin.

# Fix bug of not allowing to save when no product in cart.

# Fix bug of sending email

Version 3.0 Updated: 2014, Oct 09

- Fixed issues with JS and PHP bug in VM2 profile view.

- Work fine with IEs (7,8,9,10), Firefox (3.5, 14+), Chrome 20+

Version 2.0 Updated: 2014, Oct 09

- Add a function of save cart deletion, your customers can refresh their cart.

- 5 COLORS AVAILABLE( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray) suitable for many different types of website sales - Virtuemart admin can choose in admin panel.

Version 1.0 Updated: 2014, Sep 08

+ Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x

Maxim Pishnyak

Quote from: krzychkam on May 04, 2013, 20:31:23 PM
I bought this plugin and I have a problem in the correct version jQuery - I can not deal with it - if anyone can help me?
Oh come on! Can you upload the most newer version of jQuery in the place where the more older version is?
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As if it were that easy I would not do the problem - I'm getting set to automatically download from google:

<script src="//" <script type="text/javascript"> </ script>

and I can not find where to switch link parameters. I tried to turn it off and insert your own link but it does not bring the expected results - hence my question - where to find a forum where there are many well-wishers.
Pregards from Poland

David Kan


Please go to your admin panel site, and go to Component--> Virtuemart-->Configuration tab--> Template and uncheck Use external google jQuery library, so you can turn off it.

(you can see image attach below)


[attachment cleanup by admin]

David Kan

Update new version

Hi all, we have updated new version of this product.
Feature update:

    - Add delete save cart function - your customer can refresh their cart.
    - 5 COLORS AVAILABLE( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray) suitable for many different types of website sales - Virtuemart admin can choose in admin panel.
    - Fixed many issues with JS and PHP bug in VM2 profile view.
    - Compatible with Joomla 2.5.9 and Virtuemart 2.0.8+
    - Work fine in IEs (7,8,9,10), Firefox (3.5, 14+), Chrome 20+


Hello everybody!
Is it possible to customize plugin to have into the email also the image of the product?
I guess I've to edit the mail.php file located in tmpl directory and add the php code(and the style declaration) to echo the image too.

Something like this :

<?php if ( !empty($product['product_attributes']) ) { ?>
<div style="font-size: 90%">
<p style="margin: 0 0 "><strong>Options:</strong></p>
<div style="padding-left: 10px;">
<?php echo  $product['product_attributes'?>

but with images instead of attributes. Anyone have any suggestion or may tell me the exact name of array img field?

thanks a lot in advance!


Hi a_mbs,

Please try to add image for $data in the loadMail() fundtion in helper.php file. And at the mail.php you can echo it.

Thank you !

David Kan

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