Author Topic: [Leave quote]Discount based on quantity cart, shipping by state needed  (Read 2009 times)


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I would need someone to do some hack on the virtuemart 2
the hack i need is discount based on quantity items in the cart(not quantity in a single item) for each order

another thing i need is to make the shipping price based on the state not a country
also create the shipping method for me
i have the price list of the shipping price in excel format(field : Country,state,price), all field are in a separated coloumn, which i believe it wont be hard to make it mysql import ready
i need the sipping cover at least 10-15kgs

pls leave me your quote
budget arround : €100-€150
payment : prefer in (the safest way for both provider and employer)

i need someone to leave a quote as soon as possible but no need to finish the job in a few days
since i need to find someone else on another place if there is no one in here that interested in this job

Robin Tan