Can I set the prices to zero so customers can't see the prices?

Started by ETherNDE, May 15, 2012, 12:03:10 PM

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I'm considering downloading Virtuemart, but want to check a few things first if possible...

1. If a customer is moving around my site, can they click on different items on different pages and they will be sent to their cart for later or does it all have to run out of a 'shopping page'?
2. Is there a simple button from their cart that will send an email to our sales team? Simplicity is the key for our site.
3. Can we set the prices to zero or even better hide the prices so we can then send them a detailed quotation after an email from Virtuemart has reached our sales team? We do not want prices visible on our website.

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1) Can you move around and click and add products for ever ? yes  Can you come back later and purchase these products and do they remain in your cart a few days later ? No.

2) A simple buttom from cart?  if you purchase a product you automatically as the seller receive and email. The site hs a contact place for emails and every product has an email question section.

3) Can you hide prices? yes from the public for special registered users , or in  a catalogue fashion.
This catalogue shows no prices but will need some small configuration that allows a customer to ask a question about a product.

4) the system is not set up for a customer to put 6 items in a cart - then send an email that asks for a quote. There are ways around this for individual products .
The customer is able to ask a question about a product and then you and them will receive an email but you will not have an address or actual name unless they provide one in the email.


Many thanks for you reply, it was a big help.

With your final comment in mind, do you think 'Wishlist for Virtuemart' ( could work to bridge the gap between the customer picking items and it sending their list to us for us to be able to quote them? Is it an add-on to Virtuemart or not related?

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This is an add on module - just write to them or try the demo - for a quote system.

* I just wonder if it would work in the catalogue fashion (no $)  - but I bet they will help you out with that.

Thanks I like that module - should be easy to use.

In the old VM 1 - it did hold your products - this looks like the updated version at a cost.

I have written to them too- I like the idea of the wishlist and catelogue but 40 eros? $50 for me.


Reply from Wish list to me.

"Our wishlist component is fully integrated with virtuemart engine and settings, so if you'll set virtuemart in catalogue mode, then also the wishlist will act as catalogue mode as well.

Unfortunately there is no email option to send the wishlist to the admin for a quote, but you can see any customer wishlist items for backend administration and send a quote to the customer.

Because the component already integrates an email option for sharing the wishlist with other users (sending the list by email, sharing on Facebook, twitter and Google+) we can probably work on a customized version which fits your needs."

email them -I think you would like this option as a good module for quotes - I don't think they would need to do much coding to fix the email to the vendor.

* I'll add one more thing - it is possible to set the price to $0.00 as a new function. What happens then is that next to the product you have the wording "call for price" - it is the same as ask a question - but it does not give you the options you really want.


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