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[SOLVED] Multilingual NOT working (just english showing)

Started by ferrum, May 05, 2012, 13:00:34 PM

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I have recently re-launched my company-website and used the latest Joomla Version (2.5.4).
The Website itself is multilingual (English (en-GB) & German (de-DE)).
The mulitlingual setup wes done "native" with Joomla's 2.5.4 integrated functionality and works amazingly well.
(I've got the dual-menu setup, dual languages, users can switch, everything works fine).

now I wanted to add a VirtueMart shop to the page... installation worked well
but I did get the "Info" about the missing component to menu link (even though there is virtue mart listed in both of my menues (german / English) - disabled it by editing the router.php...

BUT when I go to the VirtueMart Configuration -> Configuration - Multilingual
I only see English as a language and no  matter what I try I can't get german to show up.

I've checked the database and there were no _de_de tables but according to some forum post here I copied the _en_... tables  and now they're there (de_de)...
But yet, the multilingual config only shows English.

What can I do??



1/ Changing your default language to German.

2/ Goto VirtueMart Tools & Migration -> click  "Install tables or if necessary update them"

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I actually did a fresh install before doing this, just to make sure everything is at it's default settings again...

Then I did as you suggested (switched german to default) -> and updated the db.
VirtueMart reports the creation of the missing de_DE tables...

But still, there is no change to the availability of the languages:
This is what shows when I try to enter "German" or "Deutsch" or...

Any other ideas??



Actually figured it out...

it's important to install the matching Admin-backend Language pack for Joomla!!
I only had front-end addon languages installed and never bothered with the admin backend, as I did not need this to be multilingual...
but obviously VirtueMart needs those additional languages to be in the joomla backend too...

installed the german admin backend language pack and now virtue-mart multilingual support works.