Security-Leak in 2.06, (spammed by ask a question feature is not security leak)

Started by psteimann, April 27, 2012, 00:38:35 AM

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I have activated "questions about the product. since then, i get tons of emails like this:

Hi vendor PGS Online-Shop   
Question About Mifare-Ausweiskarte
A question was asked by Ajay (
Google docs and presentations work in Hebrew and Arabic, but some stutneds lose formatting when they send it to themselves and then open it and use it for the presentation. SueBy send it to themselves do you mean, save the Google doc/presentation as a file and open in Powerpoint or Keynote or view on another computer? I could see formatting loss if they attempted to view on a computer that did not have Arabic or Hebrew fonts/editing enabled Alex
Hi vendor PGS Online-Shop
Question About PIS (Personal-Informationssystem)
A question was asked by Maria (
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I disabled the button now, but it does not stop

it seems that i get a question from every ask-button of my articles

Any ideas?


Best Regards



It seems that spam bots are using this form.

i think that it needs something like a captcha code


Last week one of my Joomla websites was discovered by a spambot which was sending emails through contact forms, too. I installed this extension:
Since I've installed it, I didn't receive spam emails from spambots anymore.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?