Author Topic: VM 1.1.9 Import Images as products, batch, for selected users, sell pics online  (Read 1500 times)


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I'm in need of a component or module for virtue mart 1.1.9. The plan is that I can sell printed photo's online, the pictures are made by photographers who upload them their selves and use their own prices, different sizes and printing materials. Their customer gets a link to his photo's so they can find the pics an order them.

I think it's handy when every photographer has his own productcategory and by entering an albumname creates a subcategory for these photo's.
Every photo in a batch gets the same price's, attributes (printsizes and materials etc).
Photo's/Products need to have a mark in the SKU or so, so I can see who's pictures I'm printing.

This new part of my site should be operable as soon as possible, somewhere in may.

Please get in contact for more details. Above you can see how I think it could be working. If you have a better solution you're free to let me know of course.
I'm looking forward to get to work!

Greets, Piet