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Different usage - need advise and help

Started by radannjo, April 20, 2012, 19:24:17 PM

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We are running a membership organization – a business club which is standard non-virtual organization.
However, we use jomsocial as a platform for communication with and between members. We need to extend standard jomsocial platform to allow members and only members make a payments for their consumption and meetings they attended in the Club.

To be precise, members attend events and have consumption. We are preparing a bill as a  "monthly statement" and send them by mail to be paid.
All process is manual today and we need to organize this via jomsocial platform, where we could upload mentioned "monthly statement" and members could pay in form of my cart or basket and then automtically receive invoice. For payments we are using moneybookers gateway.

Would be possible to adapt Virtemart to this usage? in another words we need a shopping online without products published and without so-called orders, because purchase has benn already done - only shopping cart where admin will by submitting invoices for services used buy memebers. Is it possible to integrate useres data with Virtuemart?

I will be more than happy if anybody could give me some solution.