Can someon help!! Showing prices incl. VAT, total amount in Cart also incl. vat

Started by namdreow, April 20, 2012, 12:38:15 PM

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I have searched the entire forum but can find no clear answer. The shop that I make has 2 groups of customers. One BtoB and other C2C.
For B2B clients (wholesale) I want to show prices excluding VAT (+ VAT only in the cart)
For C2C customers, the prices are displayed including VAT.
In the cart you will see the total amount including VAT and the VAT amount. How can I do this?

If i configure the C2C group , i can set the prices incl. VAT  but then in the cart (if i want set  show vat) the VAT is added again to the price.
So base price is 81,-
Vat is 19 %
Productprice is 100,-

If i buy this product, and i go the the cart i see this:
product 100,00
VAT: 19,00
Total 119,00

It has to be:
product 100,00
Incl.VAT: 19,00
Total 100,00

Please can anyone help me.