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Attachments for Product Description Plugin

Started by David Kan, April 13, 2012, 08:44:44 AM

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David Kan

Hi all Virtuemart members,

Attachment for Virtuemart product plugin allows the shop owners to attach any type of files and unlimited numbers of files on the product details page. The attachment can be in PDF format, or Microsoft word, or Excel, Zip and Media file extension ( Mp3, Mp4)...

There are a number of extensions which support this funcitonality operating like a custom field to upload one file each time. With our extension, you can upload many files at the same time, saving your time. It's user friendly for customers to download

Using attachment for virtuemart product plugin, you can easily upload user manuals. Your customers can download them. One of powerful features of this extension is its support on many file types.

Virtuemart shopper then can download the attachment to view.

Plugin support Multiple upload at 1 click, so it will save a lot of time for you if you have more than 1 file need to attach to product page.
This plugin is compatible with VMV2.x and Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5.x


VERSION 4.0.0 - Updated on 2015, Apr 07

- Upgrade to Jomla 3.4, Virtuemart

#Fix Bugs

- Fix the failed message error but upload is ok

- Fail to upload Mp3, Mp4 files

- Missed attachments on frontend

- Fix add to cart error

VERSION 3.0.0 - Updated on 27th August, 2014

- Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8

- Fix error of displaying wrong date and time

- Fix CSS error on different web browsers

- Unable to enter character in admin number field.

David Kan


I want to translate these 2 entrys, Cant find the language file...

You can translate these 2 entrys in file vm_multiupload_attachment.php

to function onAfterDispatch().

find words "Attachments: " and "File name" .

Quotecan you tell me the path to the file pls ?

This part : plugins\system\vm_multiupload_attachment\vm_multiupload_attachment.php

David Kan

David Kan

Hello guys,
We received a review for Attachments for Virtuemart Product that "Great plugin!! This is the solution for me! Excellent assistance. I will purchase again their plugins if I need it. I recommended them. 5 stars!"

David Kan

Attachment for Virtuemart Product Plugin allows shop owners to attach any type of files on the product details page

David Kan

Hi gúy, if you have any ideas  to improve our Virtuemart attachments plugin, please let us know, we all highly appreciate your contribution

David Kan

Hi guys,
Hope that in this 2018, with our product, your sale volume will increase significantly

David Kan

David Kan

Virtuemart Attachments for Product description plugin

Version 4.1.0

+ Add feature: require login for download file

+ Compatible with Jomla 3.x, Virtuemart 3.x