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States - Zones

Started by yesudo, April 12, 2012, 15:18:21 PM

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When I go in to add a state; there is a zone dropdown list - which is empty. I cannot see where in admin I can add zones to this list. Can anyone advise?

Joomla 1.5.23
VM 2.0.2



Yes a bit tricky to  find _

* go back to the country you want to add a state to.


Find the country you want to add a state to.

Click on that country >> but only click on the word [States]  and you will then get a blank page.

In the top left you will see a the wording [states of the country you selected]

* now add away all you like.

If this is correct please mark your post as solved

make sure you publish the states and the country.


States do NOT populate in the drop down when attempting to edit the billing or shipping address from the front end.  Is there a fix for this issue?

VM 2.0.6 Joomla 2.5


I have the same issue. Not sure what was ever found out about this zone thing but I followed John2400's instructions but that is just to add states it has no information on the Zone drop down for that state. I assume I must create a zone for the state in order for it to show up when a customer registers? Currently if a user tries to register they have to select a state and in my case there is only one but the drop down is blank even though that state is published and other that it does not belong to a zone(not sure what that would be?) it does not work.

Did anyone find a solution to this yet?



Hi yep I'm not sure what a zone is a we do not have then in my country.

There are only countries and states and zip codes - I presume that someone is building an extension for shipping taht will help Canada, Uk and where ever you are from.

It appears that some countries use a non linear progressive system of zip codes. Thus you need shipping to match a area - for a while you might have to code your own (using present zip code system) or have a flat rate?


I am also looking to add zones to the drop down menu that appears within the state field, but wonder if it is intended for a purpose other than creating regions within a state.

I go to  configuration > countries, then click on the [states] link to open the list of states (thanks for the tip John2400).

When I open an individual USA state page, there appears to be a drop down menu labeled zones. 

I need to set tax by regions in my state by the name of the zone (which doesn't align with zip codes), and I think this feature would be great for that but cannot figure out how to assign a value/name to the zones.

If that's not what zones are for, would I be able to add my own customized fields within a state another way?

Thanks in advance for any assistance/info you can offer!

Joomla v2.5.2
Virtuemart 2.0.6



Thanks for the reply, but I don't see what would allow me to create named regions within a state there. 

Our sales tax goes by county  (Country>State>County, for example USA--NY--County Name), and we've got 60 counties each with their own tax rate.  County lines are not defined the same way as zip codes, so I need to create entries that include county names that NY buyers must choose from when setting up the ship-to address.


I am not able to add states when checking out in the cart.. I pick United States from Country Select List.. and then States select list never populates.
I did manage to goto Countries - [states] // and it shows all the United States States in a list with 0 for zone. Not sure if this is a needed parameter?

Is anyone else having an issue with the states drop down list?


Still unable to get states to show up during checkout.. I have toyed around with the states in the administrator there seems to be a bunch of bugs here..

1 - Current Zone - will not propogate ?? how do I add a zone number to this?
2- State (3) code shows a 2 letter abbreviation for the state.(seems this shoudl be called state 2)
3- State (2) cdoe shows a 3 letter abbreviation for the state (seems that this should be called State 3)

I can not get the states list in the cart or cart registration fields to show any state names? 
I can not get the States list in the States of country United States to allow for me to change ZONES?

Please help me.. im a nice person :) :'(


Ok, figured out this issue, it had to do with my template.. I was using a superfish menu using an old Jquery  - i turned off this menu type and I got my states list.
WOOHOO..  yes :)