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Migrating from Magento to VirtueMart - Security

Started by A.Taylor, June 28, 2016, 10:31:24 AM

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Hello to  all,
We have a small online store selling downloadable products, and we are seriously considering migrating from Magento to Joomla/VirtueMart, since Magento seems to be too complex and too slow for our business requirements.

I have a question considering security: we are currently using this security extension in our Magento store. It turned out to be a great solution for monitoring all the security issues and vulnerabilities. Is there a similar security solution for VirtueMart? I am particularly interested in scanning files feature and blocking brute force attacks.


There are several Joomla extensions to increase security listed on the JED.   I usually use Marco's -

The simplest way to maintain security is to always keep Joomla & extension versions up to date.
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Thanks for the quick response!

I actually found couple of extensions that might be what we are looking for by Securitycheck, like Securitycheck Pro. Combined with two-factor authentication, i think that might be it, I'll check with my developer.

I'd love to hear opinions from anyone that has been using Securitycheck Pro though.