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Allow user access to backend/administration

Started by Xaman, April 02, 2012, 17:36:07 PM

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Is there a way to allow access to the backend/administration of Virtuemart without making the user a Joomla administrator? Virtuemart seems to lack the permissions configuration which allows us to give certain users access to that component... I want to allow certain users the ability to add products, categories, manage orders, etc, without giving them access to other components in Joomla, just Virtuemart.


Anyone?? Is is possible to allow non-admins to access the VM administration?


The administrator question has been answered many times in the forums.

* The new VM does not have the same style of access at VM 1.
* Xaman - could you try this - see how you go - add a usre in joomla make them a manager , administrator and registered.

* go into VM and tick enable multi vendor - administered multivendor
* go to tools >>control panel >> shoppers >>tick that user and make them a vendor>>

* see what happens with that user logged in and what limits thay have ?  I think they will have some access tothe shop but not all joomla -

* Back up your site incase some setting does an odd thing.



Actually you can,

Put the user to the administrator group or another one but with the same rights and then go in your component menu:
component >>the component you want to deactivate>>option (right top corner) >>chose the user group "administrator">>disable everything.
and the component in the menu is gone.

hope it is clear what i tried to explane.



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