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Virtuemart as part of a larger Joomla Site

Started by Pulsator, March 26, 2012, 11:55:46 AM

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I'm going to start by apologising as this is probably documented somewhere but I cannot get the search terms right to find it.

I have a client who wants a new CMS for which I have advised Joomla of course  :)

In addition they want an e-commerce solution to sell a product range related to their core business.  I suggested VirtueMart but have a question I am hoping someone can help with.

Can I install VirtueMart on a Joomla installation but have it as a section in the site with Joomla behaving as a normal CMS to handle the main site requirements.  What I mean is have a normal CMS type set-up with Home, About Us etc and then click on a nice big store button to access the VirtueMart store?



Simple answer - yes.

Like any Joomla component it can be used as an addon to a large site. That is the big advantage with using Joomla/VM.
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Hi jenkinhill

Thanks for responding so quickly.  This looks to be a winning combo and I am looking forward to designing my first integrated Joomla with VirtueMart system.  :)


You can see how i integrated it into my joomla site here:

good luck
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