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Reset Password NOT WORKING

Started by websurf, March 25, 2012, 09:46:00 AM

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Me using virtuemart 2 and joomla 1.7.
Me use  "forgot password" option  from virtuemart 2 to reset password .
But me not receiving any email which contains verification code.
Anyone please suggest a solution?



Just confirming that I have the same issue -  This is more likely a Joomla issue than directly Virtuemart.

* I can click 'forgot my username' fill in my email  and joomla then sends me a email instantly to tell me my user name.
* I if I click on' forgot my password '- and I fill in the same email - then joomla sends me nothing.

* I can see in the joomla forums similar issues with access to joomla -

Sorry wensurf I cannot assist you on your problem but the joomla forums are full of this problem.   

* This is not going to help you but if others are reading this - you might add a second superuser - a user name and password for yourself or client - "until"