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Region Trouble

Started by yhmkg2, March 22, 2012, 08:06:51 AM

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I may be a trivial problem, but I do not know how to deal with it.
As supplemented by the mandatory field 'Region' in order to register, you can expand the list, now I have a standard -> blank.



A little hard to understand what you mean,  but if you created an extra field and now you are  stuck with a blank field . Then , try to delete it, or turn it off so it is hidden it won't make any difference unless you made it a required field.

If this is not what you mean ? then please try to explain again.


How fill in the box, State / Province / Region

look at picture:



Hi that field works for only some countries - you do not have that for some countries.

Eg Im Australian -- if you pick australia  and wait two seconds you will see what happens in that field.

In the usa - I presume the states will all come up.

Nu in some countries you will get not option. You should not have to do anything at all with them.


I come from Poland and here we have given the province, required when shipping a package.
This is important. I can not fill in this field?


yes i can see your issue ,

you need to write this in the forum 'New pre subreleae virtuemart 2.0.03 update E'  and 'bugs area'  and say that Poland needs to have regions added to this field.

this is a core issue -

just see how you go

if no  luck make the topic here more specific and say "region trouble -- Poland has no choices for states"

You need to be exact and actually state what regions you need..      if 100s then make a link to a web site .. If only a few then copy and paste them in to a post.


where do I have to write?
Can you give me a link?
I can not do it by myself?
It is strange that no one has noticed before;/



Ok change your topic heading to read "Region Trouble - Country Poland field's _   are missing states."
then post it in this area below too.


I see even one serious bug
In Virtuemart where I can check stock levels of products?

My point is that
When a product runs out, the admin is notified somehow?
Any list of "product unavailable" is?


I added a little bit to the other post regarding the notify issue.

yes I could see some issues in regards to 0 stock and notify.