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Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace

Started by webkul, March 30, 2017, 16:47:14 PM

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QuoteSeller end

Mobile responsive.
The add-on is now compatible and well integrated with the function of "catalogue view" of Virtuemart. Therefore the "buy now" button will not be displayed if catalogue mode is enabled at Virtuemart end.
A field with the concept of "suggested category" is provided in "Add product" tab. This field allows the seller to recommend categories to admin.
A separate tab is provided where the list of "favourite products" are displayed with the number of counts per product.
An advanced seller's dashboard is available to view the sales analytics of orders based on the world map, pie chart and area chart by year.
The dashboard also displays the number of total orders, customers and amount of sales.
In "order history" tab functionality of sorting of orders on basis of order status is available.
A customised layout is being designed for edit order option.
The catalogue of sellers registered in the site gets displayed in list view for a mobile device.
In "my payment" tab, the feature of filtering the transactions of the seller on basis of date is available.

QuoteAdmin end

A separate tab is provided to view the listed Joomla users. The listed users can be converted into sellers excluding the super user.
Mail templating functionality is available to communicate with the individual seller.
Filtering of orders based on selected sellers is possible at the backend.
Advanced filtering option of products on basis of sellers and categories is available.
A separate layout is provided to edit and manage the information of the individual seller.
Option to update multiple seller commission is obtained. An improved sorting of sellers based on the type commission is provided.
An advanced sorting of products based on categories, sellers and status of the display is available.
The functionality of cloning of admin's product is obtained to assign a single product to multiple sellers.
A separate tab is available to view and manage the list of suggested categories from seller end.
Admin has been provided with the option to approve or disapprove the suggested categories.

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Yup only problem is that big part of your css styling is in php files of extension.
Not to mention if new version comes out if css rules in php files of extension are modified he will have to edit those files again.

Other than that extension is ok, little basic as almost every function needs to be paid extra and for 100usd you could include some of them... or at least better integration with Virtuemart so we could use native functions available in Virtuemart such as custom fields for example.


I would like to inform you that we are already in the process of modification regarding your concern " css styling is in php files of extension" .

In addition to this, I would like to inform you that we develop a standard product with a general set of features, because there are thousands of client worldwide using our extensions and each one of them have their custom requirements according to their business need. But that is not practically feasible for us to have all those things in our single standard product. So for this, we are open for customization to fulfil desired requirements.

QuotePlease generate a ticket if you have any query related to product, we are happy to help you