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Please Help - Trying to create a 1-time fee based upon a category

Started by rustle, March 01, 2012, 17:44:19 PM

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This is what I have done in the mean time

I am kinda of frustrated because on the main reasons we went down the VM route is because we believed that this functionality was possible
We want to mandate this fee, not expect our users to apply it

I'm sure you understand

My client really wants this accomplished and we are 99% complete the working site..

With your wealth of VM experience,
how would you recommend I proceed to get this accomplished

Should I report this as a bug?

or try to find custom development? (this won't help other people though)
I'm sure I won't be the last to request this functionality, in fact I know this, as people have PM me through this post about this issue

Thank you for your time to date


This is not bug.
It can be done via a 3rd party plugin.

It can also be done via the payment modules. With a little coding to check the category, and apply the fee.