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Customer text not added to order and title of text input missing

Started by vigier, February 27, 2012, 23:46:53 PM

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I got the first part of the customer text input working. A customer can input the width and the height of the article and select some other options.
If you look at the shopping cart, it shows the values, but without the title of the field and the values aren't separated by a space of something else. All the other selections (from dropdowns) do show up as they should. That's the first problem.
When the customer places the order and I look at the order, the values from the input boxes are gone. The aren't in the description anymore. That's the second problem.

Anyone knows what to do? I attached an image with screencaptures of the process.

Kind regards,


Small update: I looked in the virtuemart_order_items table and the values of de customer_text_input fields haven't been saved to the product_attribute field!! No wonder it isn't shown in the final order...
So whatever I type in those text_input boxes, it just doesn't save them...


Hello vigier

I know this has nothing to do with your problem

but can you help me by explaining how you were able to achieve multiple drop-down selector menus like you have above?

Thank you in advance


1. create custom product fields (cart-variant), one for each dropdown list you want. Let's say a product field Color and a field Size
2. go to your product, if you want 3 different colors, add the custom field Color three times
3. fill in the colors in the blocks that appear a few centimeters below
4. repeat the same for size
there you are




can I test you plugin?

I can try to solve your problem.