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How to customise the product ordering in the back end?

Started by sincera, February 06, 2012, 06:46:07 AM

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When I click con Product SKU (Click to sort by this column), it will sort all product by its SKU.

However, is there anyway I can customise this sort by the last 2 digit of the product SKU instead of the whole product SKU.

I notice that if I use Firebug and change the javascript attached to this button:
<a title="undefined" href="javascript:tableOrdering('product_sku','desc','');">Product SKU<img alt="" src="/media/system/images/sort_asc.png"></a>

<a title="undefined" href="javascript:tableOrdering('product_sku'.substring(2,2),'desc','');">Product SKU<img alt="" src="/media/system/images/sort_asc.png"></a>

so the different is 'product_sku'.substring(2,2)

then it work, but I don't know how to adjust it permanently.

Please help.


Hi, does any one have any solution for this issue?
Please help