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Confirmed Order Emails keep coming

Started by jacquedonald, February 13, 2012, 07:16:25 AM

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Hello i am running 2.0.2f version of VM on Joomla 1.7
I tested a purchases twice on the system and both times I get excessive emails saying "Confirmed order at My Store, total $0.00", even though the order is not $0.00 and I had a test customer do this and they get the same thing, just counted and that email has came thru 17 times. Is there some configuration I have missed for this or is this possibly a bug?
Thanks in advance!


Hmm, very strange. I dont have any clue, I worked on that feature last days (I generated maybe 500 mails with invoices, orderstatus changed and similar). More information could help. Which mailer do you use in joomla? Are the orders in the BE? Ah normal customer should get 2 emails. One email saying that the order is accepted, the next one saying that the order is payed and confirmed.
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