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Vendor email problem

Started by thefbi, February 06, 2012, 13:49:09 PM

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i have a (big) problem...
I have create a shop with VM 2.0.1d on Joomla 2.5.1. I have look that the emails for products questions and command form arrive only on my email adress (the user which i have create the site).
But i want it go to another adress. So i have read in a post in the forum the emails are send to the first super user in the site. So i have delete my super user (ID 62), and think the second super user will be now the first so the emails arrives.
Wrong, now the emails dont work, and i have a warning message when ask question or make a command !!!
Please help to configure this email...


Please help on this problem... :'(


The store mail goes to the Vendor's address.
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but only on the first super user...They never come to the other vendor i have...
Now i have delete it (the first super user), but i have another store admin, with email adress, but when i want to make a comand or ask seller, that say i must to specify an email adress...


OK !!!
I have find a solution. I have modify the ID of the vendor i want the email to be sent to the ID 62 in the database, and now it work.
It is just a little bit bad we dont have possibility to change facilitly the email of the shop....