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Billing and shipping addresses issues

Started by coin, January 28, 2012, 23:10:02 PM

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Hi everybody!
Is there any option to turn off billing address ?
And the other question is how to manage shipping addresses?
I'd like to have it like this. Billins address is off, a customer can add or edit shipping address and choose from the list the desired one. Is it possible?
I tried and I failed. May be someone could help me? Thanks.


(Sorry for my english, i´m spanish speaker) I did can seudo-manage an alternative shipping addresses via 'Account maintenance'. Create a 'VirtueMart Account Maintenance' menu item. Once into it scroll down of  'account details' and 'add shipping address' there i set a alternative shipping address and this new address appears in the account details.
But in the  'add shipping addreses' cart button at the save moment, the system do nothing.


Another experience: it appears that is no clear (or easy intuitive ) the operation of 'add address' option ... following my previous post, i found that when i set a new 'shipment address' via 'account maintenance', this new 'shipment address' are inmediatly available under the 'add shipment address' button at the bottom of cart.

Then in conclusion: if you (or your customer) want a new or alternative  'shipment address' BEFORE you/your-customer must set it via 'maintenance account' item link, after that, you/your-customer can add this new address shipment by clicking in the bottom 'add new address' button shopping cart at the end of the purchase moment.

(hope can be understanding, i'm not good with englihs sintax)
i did loose note my J and VM versions: i do this actions with J1.7.3 and VM 2.0


Why you just not use the Backend and the shopperfields?
Should I fix your bug, please support the VirtueMart project and become a member
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