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Shopper Fields into registration user joomla

Started by clabis71, December 17, 2011, 15:23:35 PM

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I can not see the fields in user registration form, first in the version 1.1.9 it was possible, I would like to know how I do now.
I activated the plug-in joomla user-profile, but does not display the fields that I have requested in VM.
Using Joomla 1.7 with VM_RC3


Anyone knows how to work this out? I can't create a user registration form like in VM 1.1.9... this is a big problem for me...


VM V. online: J2.5.14 | VM 2.0.20a | SQL 5.1.70 | PHP 5.3.25


I am already using this solution, but not exact. Why do you have in any case the first register and then go to the page the user "user account maintance"


Hi. I had a module with for the Users Login, so its important to have the link to "User Account Maintance". If you are already an registred user and you'll need to change something. Every good commerce websites in the word have that link, like "forgot password", "forgot username".... why we should be different? :)
VM V. online: J2.5.14 | VM 2.0.20a | SQL 5.1.70 | PHP 5.3.25