[Partially solved] Problem with Back-End Vendors Terms of service

Started by Venkko, January 11, 2012, 22:36:36 PM

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I have a problem with vendoers terms of service text.

When I add (copy/paste) text on the field it looks allright. I says that I have 640 words.
After I press save / apply and go back to see terms of service it only says that I have 180 words.

Everytime I try to do it if saves different amount of words. something between 150 and 350 words.

Is this know problem or is it just me?

I have copied the text first on notepad++ and only after that to VM2 back-end but it didn't help.

How can I put all my terms of service to the system?

And I have V2.0 and J1.5.23

www.pikkukoala.fi (J 1.5 & VM 1.1.5)
www.lastentavarat.fi (J 1.5.23 & V2.0.0)


I'm having the same problem. It's cutting off about half of what I input in the Terms of Service.

Additionally, when turning off 'Show Terms of Service on the cart/checkout' and using 'Must agree to Terms of Service on EVERY ORDER?' there is no link to the Terms of Service. I'm pretty sure it's legally required for the agreement option to be a link to the full Terms of Service.

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I did ask this same question on Virtuemart 2 Development and bug reports -section.

You can find Milbos answer behind the link...

www.pikkukoala.fi (J 1.5 & VM 1.1.5)
www.lastentavarat.fi (J 1.5.23 & V2.0.0)