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Possibllity for automatic calculation of tax for shipping costs?

Started by C00lZer0, January 15, 2012, 14:23:10 PM

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While trying to configure VM2 for shipping & taxing by adjusting the rules I do have a problem to solve.
Is it possible to set a rule which can check the content/sums of the shopping cart?

The problem Germany you have to add 19% tax when most of the products are taxed with 19%. But when you are selling e.g. food with is taxed with 7% and the shopping cart lists only products with 7% taxed product or 51% of the content does you only have to add 7% tax on the shipping costs.

Is is possible to add such a formula into VM2?
Something like this maybe:

If (sum of products with tax 7% >= sum of products with tax 19%)
                    then shipping tax 7%
                            else shipping tax 19%
end if

would be glad to get a response :)