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Special offers and different buyer groups

Started by bennz, April 20, 2006, 07:07:35 AM

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Hi all (and an advance thanks for any help)

We have a situation were we run special offers from time to time on our store. We also use shopper groups to flag wholesale and trade customers.

What we wish to do is to disable any special offers for particular shopper groups.

For example if a product is normally $100 and we're offering a $50 discount, we'd like to stop people being able to get both a shopper group discount and the special discount as well

Can this be done? All it would take would be a check box in the shopper group menu that allowed us to deselect special offers for any one or other shopper group

Help please?


I have the same issue! Is there any progress on this?


 ??? I have exactly the same problem....Does anyone know how to solve this ?